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A blessed day

I left Claremore today and walked on my last portion of Route 66. At the intersection of Patti Page Blvd and Lynn Riggs Blvd, I made a right turn and headed on Route 20 to Pryor Creek.

Route 20 so far is awesome. There is a very wide shoulder and minimal traffic.

I met Kayte today, she was driving toward me and stopped on the shoulder. She asked me if I wanted a cold water. Absolutely. She said if I wanted to get out of the heat, I could stop at Sinclair gas station and sit inside. She said she would call and tell them I was coming. What a sweet young lady. Not my last encounter with her today.

About 9 miles outside of Pryor Creek, I met Bob who offered to give me a ride. Unfortunately he was in a Subaru and my cart wouldn’t fit.

Ironic incident occurred. I was getting a little hungry and even though it was warm outside, I wanted to get a cup of coffee and something sweet. I couldn’t believe I looked up and saw a Daddy’s Donut sign a little ways ahead. As I pulled into where the sign was, I saw Cody and Cassi. I asked where the donut shop was. Cody explained the his parents owned the shop but it is now a medical marijuana dispensary. The name is Okie. The nickname is glazed and confused. Cody asked if I wanted a water. Absolutely. I hung out with Cody and Cassi and learned a lot about their business. They were a very nice couple.

A little while later, Floyd pulled up next to me and gave me a cold water and electrolyte packet.

As I was walking into the town, Kayte, her mother Donna and sister Abby drove up to me. They invited me to dinner at their church, First Church of God. I accepted their invitation.

When I arrived at my hotel, I was drenched. The humidity was 70%. I took a quick shower and went to the church. Abby had a sign for my arrival. It was their weekly Wednesday night gathering. While having dinner, I met several people that Kayte had told about my journey. One person, Mark is a retired sergeant from a local PD. When he came up to me, he said God told me to give this to you. He handed me a $20. Widow and Orphans Fund up to $343.00. I had a great time visiting with everyone and lots of prayers my way.

What a blessed day.

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