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In Dickson, TN

Today was a very fun and blessed day. I left Waverly this morning. Had a great breakfast at Sam’s Diner, put air in my tires and walked through old town.

Waverly was a nice walk. However, when I was getting near McEwen, the shoulder all but disappeared. Mike pulled up in front of me and handed me some cold water bottles. After talking for awhile, Mike offered to drop me off on the other side of McEwen. On the other side, the shoulder widened. I have to point out that Mike was going the other way on an errand and went out of his way to offer to take me. He was very gracious and caring for my safety.

The scenery in Tennessee is pretty awesome. I took pictures of some things I thought were interesting. Especially the truck on the side of the road in support of law enforcement at all levels of government.

I got a call from an old partner, Henry, that was heading back to Nashville from a trip out West. He found me in Tennessee City and stopped . It was great to see him today as he will be gone for a majority of time I am in Nashville. However, I will see him again next weekend. Henry left me with some water and a can of mixed nuts.

I made it into Dickson where Erin’s family met me, Phyllis and Ronnie. They took me to their house and I had a home cooked meal it was awesome to sit down and converse and eat with them. Great and kind people.

I am off to Bellevue, TN tomorrow.

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