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My feet hurt

When I arrived in Kellyville, I laid down in front of the Phillips 66. There was a nice bench. I was next to a cafe that opened at 6:00 a.m. At around 4:00 a.m., I felt something touch my toe. It was a golden retriever. She was a funny dog and stayed on the ground next to me. When the station opened, they said the dog comes there everyday, but they don’t know who she belongs to.

The goal is to walk to to Tulsa. I will be at the halfway point of my journey. I estimate that I have walked nearly 1,600 miles. I am on my fourth pair of shoes and have lost 25 pounds.

The walk again was very beautiful. I walked through the town of Sapulpa. It is the Crossroads of America. There are some beautiful buildings in the town.

It was getting warm and my feet are really bothering me. I am getting new blisters below blisters from yesterday.

I stopped into J&J Superette to get something cold to drink. I met Chasity who gave me some incredible food that they sell in the store. Her coworker, Georgia offered to buy me some water. The food was good and helped my walk.

I made it into Tulsa and planning on staying for a few days to heal my feet.

While at the hotel, I met Brian Murray. He and his wife, Charla have a YouTube Channel where they perform Christian music that they have written and developed. I listened to their music and have downloaded onto my phone. Awesome uplifting music.

I am currently soaking my feet in epsom salt and very hot water. I am getting more socks tomorrow with new shoes.

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