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New tires for cart

I arrived in Springdale, AR. I started off the day in the rain. Although it was wet, it was a nice temperature. The road had a very nice shoulder, however, I was on US 412. It is a very busy four lane highway. The drivers were pretty courteous, but they were driving very fast.

It is amazing how green everything is. There is still a lot of water in the creeks.

As I was walking, I think a butterfly was blown onto my cart from the wind of a passing vehicle. The butterfly stayed on my hand for 15 minutes. I tried several times to set it down in the grass. It wouldn’t get off my hand. After awhile, I guess it got over the shock and left.

I stopped in a local produce shop. All the fruit and vegetables are grown on their farm. They make all the bread, cookies and sweets everyday in their kitchen. It was an awesome shop. Their molasses cookies are the second best I have ever tasted.

I am staying one more day as I am changing out the tires on my cart. I am impressed that they made it this far. In Tulsa, Phat Tire said they were on their last leg.

Storm clouds are all around me. Big storm in the are. Supposed to rain all day and night.

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