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What a Department

Today was a great day. The goal was 33 miles to Paris, TN. The start of the walk there was no shoulder. However, the drivers were very courteous and drove around me. My route took me through neighborhoods and beautiful countryside.

As I was entering the outskirts of Paris, Corporal Watson from Henry County Sheriff Department had stopped to speak with me. He had received a call of a man pushing a wheelchair down the middle of the street. After we spoke for awhile, he was concerned about my safety walking into traffic as the sun was setting and in the drivers eyes. State Route 54 is pretty busy at this time of day.

He asked if he was able to get a vehicle to take me to my hotel, would I take the ride. Absolutely, as I don’t want to get hurt.

Sgt. Sanders went to their station and picked up trailer to transport my cart.

Before leaving, Corporal Watson gave me one of his patches. Pretty cool.

Sgt. Sanders drove me to my hotel. It was awesome speaking with him and hearing what their department does for the community. They have a farm where trustees can volunteer and work. The food harvested is available for the community. They have a work release program where inmates can keep the job when they are no longer incarcerated. They have a group of hunters that donate the meat to the community. They have the ability to prepare and package the meet. A deputy has developed a program to provide clothing to individuals in need. This is definitely a department that is doing good for their community. A place to be proud to work in.

As Sgt. Sanders dropped me off at the hotel he made sure I was ok and had everything I needed. What a great interaction with him and Corporal Watson.

I am at the hotel and will stay for two nights. I need to do some laundry tomorrow. My next stop is Camden, TN.

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