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Winona, AZ

I arrived in Winona, AZ. Just about 18 miles today. Most of those miles were on the I-40. I don’t like walking on the freeway. It is not fun. You can’t enjoy the scenery.

I stopped for breakfast at the Crown Railroad Cafe. It was pretty cute as there was a train going around the restaurant. Food was pretty good.

As I walked on the I-40, I was stopped by an Arizona State Trooper. He was pretty cool. He advised me to be careful walking on the freeway (it is against the law). He put my info out to other troopers that I was walking. We talked about my purpose and I gave him a challenge coin. He was very appreciative.

I am sleeping close to a gas station behind some Tuff Sheds for sale. The goal is to get up early and start walking. Not that I am going to make it, but Winslow is 43 miles.

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