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With God in Groom, TX

Another wonderful day today. Last night not so much. I had my tent all set up on the grass area. I was sound asleep and around 1:00 a.m., I heard sprinklers. I quickly got dressed and was able to find a location that I would not get wet. I moved all of my stuff and made it back to sleep.

In the morning I met Hank. He is riding his motorcycle from New York to San Diego. He saw me and asked if I was walking across the US. He asked how my interactions have been with people. He had the same thoughts that other people have been talking about. The media portrays us as divided and out for themselves. Just as I have experienced the opposite so has he. People have been kind and generous with him. I wish the media would show that Americans are generally good, kind and generous. I guess that is something I want to make sure people see that is what I am experiencing.

Along my walk on Route 66, numerous truckers were passing by me. They were working on the I-40 freeway repair. Three of the drivers, Jose, Juan and Luis all stopped and handed me ice cold water. One worker, Huero also gave me an ice cold water. It was perfect as it was 99 degrees and the cold water was what I needed.

Several people have told me to stop at the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ Ministries in Groom, TX. Boy am I glad I did. This location is awesome. The Cross, Calvary, stations of the cross, Shroud of Turin and many other monuments. The campus is gorgeous and peaceful.

I walked into the gift shop and was met by Bobby and Renee. They were both inquisitive of what I was doing. They gave me water and offered me rest and a shower. Bobby told me to go watch a short film on the location in the theater. Nice theater with about 100 seats. Beautiful.

When I came out I met Steve Thomas the of creator of this location and ministry. We conversed for awhile and he asked if I wanted to go to get something to eat at DQ. Absolutely. We had and incredible conversation about God, religion and people. Steve suggested I spend the night on the facility under the light of the cross. How could I say no.

I was setting near the building that houses the Shroud of Turin. Steve suggested that I could charge my electronics there. As I was sitting in my chair, Phil came up to me and asked if I wanted any food. I told I had just eaten but would be happy to sit with him as he ate. Phil gave me his testimony and how he found what his purpose is for God. He wants to help people getting out of jail an teaching them a trade. I loved to hear his story. I also met his wife Marina. They both have a lot going on and God is totally in their life.

So here I am. Only 17 miles today, but a day of blessings.

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I have recently retired after 30 years in law enforcement and a few years in the private sector. I have always enjoyed walking form place to place.  One of my favorite assignments was working overtime in our tourist area.  It was a blast to walk around for about 7 hours throughout the Downtown area.

In 2016, I read a book, "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge.  In November of 2016, I decided to do my "walkabout" with God from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles.  I had a blast walking along the Pacific Coast.  It was a beautiful experience.  I learned so many things on this walk.  The main lesson was God was talking to me, I just was not listening.  He was there with me on my walk, I just was not realizing the signs.

I have always been intrigued about walking the PCT, AFT, the Continental Divide and Appalachian Trial.  The one trip that stuck out with me was walking across the United States.