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32 miles today

I left Adrian TX and on my way to Amarillo. I made it 32 miles today and am sleeping adjacent to Route 66 near an abandoned house.

As I left this morning, Ramona Faye Kiewert and I took a photo out front of the Fabulous 40 Morel. Ramona was flying the American flag and the Blue Lives Matter flag. If you get a chance to stop by, they are a great family.

It felt great to get back walking. The whole day I was going to be on Route 66. The walk was so peaceful. I saw antelope, horses and long horn cattle. There were also numerous transports of the wind turbine blades. I saw at least 7 blades on Route 66.

I stopped in and had lunch at the Rooster in the town of Vega. The town is very charming and has several beautiful murals on some buildings. This is definitely a town I want to come back and explore.

It amazes me to see a single house in the middle of hundreds of acres. You can’t see or don’t have neighbors. How tranquil that must be.

It is almost 1:00 am. Hitting the tent and sleeping. Tomorrow the Cadillac Ranch.

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