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A Blessed Day

So today was awesome. I do have to start with some bizarre mosquito stuff. After I thought got rid of the mosquitoes, I went to Dollar General to get some epsom salt for a bath. My knee and back have been sore for a little while. After I got out of the bath, there were a ton of mosquitoes in my room again. I turned off the air conditioning unit and literally a ton of mosquitoes came out. It was really late so I slept (tried) under the covers. I kept hearing the buzzing all night and didn’t sleep well. I was going to stay one more night, but that was out of the question.

I met Brooke for breakfast at the cafe next to the hotel. She had reached out on Facebook and said if I was going through Corning she would like to meet and take me to breakfast. It was lovely as we talked about the area, God and my journey. Brooke’s friend Laura also showed up. As we were talking about my knee pain, Laura called her mom to see about getting me some glucosamine and a multi vitamin. Laura left and went home to get the medicine for me. When Laura got back she offered to drive me to Piggott. However, I wasn’t packed up and ready to go. While Brooke was paying for breakfast, Laura’s mom drove up and gave another bottle of medicine and some cash in an envelope. We all parted ways and I felt very blessed.

Walking to Piggott was beautiful. I passed rice fields, soy bean fields and incredible waterways. When I got to about the town of McDougal, Laura drove up. She said her mom, Pam and her friend, Karen were at the Hen House Cafe and wanted to meet me and take me to lunch.

We arrived in the town of Piggott and had lunch. It was so much fun meeting Pam and Karen. All three were so gracious and made sure I had some coconut cream pie for my stay in the hotel. I had a great meal of roast beef, green beans and mashed potatoes. Home cooked. It was really good.

Pam was concerned about my knee and suggested that maybe I needed to visit a chiropractor. I agreed and said I tried to stop at one that offered walk-ins about a week ago, but they were closed. Pam said she was going to her chiropractor today and they allow walk-ins. She offered to take me with her. Absolutely, I have been very worried about my back and especially my knee.

The plan was for Laura to drive me to my hotel and take me to meet her mom and Karen in the town of Rector. When we got to the hotel, Laura walked in and paid for my hotel room. This is unbelievable.

As I was putting my cart into my room, Pam and Laura showed up. They altered their plans and were going to take me. As I was getting ready, I was thinking I needed to find a laundromat. As I walked to the car, Pam asked if I had any clothes to wash as Karen offered to do them while were at the chiropractor. Amazing.

The chiropractor was awesome. My right hip was so out of whack it was causing so many problems on my right side. Pam covered the cost of the session. I can’t tell you how fortunate I am.

On the way back to my hotel, Pam wanted to make sure I had dinner for later tonight. She stopped at a grocery store and BBQ restaurant and made sure I had enough to eat. Don’t forget, I have coconut pie to eat.

“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith”.

Matthew 21:22

Back at the hotel, Pam texted that they contacted the hotel with the mosquitoes and had them reimburse my credit card and they covered that also.

Pam says it is southern hospitality. I agree but boy there sure is a lot of grace and love in that family.

In the evening, I was contacted by Kevin. It was funny as we went to high school together, were one year apart and didn’t know each other. We have a mutual friend that had steered him to my journey. It was awesome to talk about farming, living in Missouri and common acquaintances we know. As Kevin left, he contributed to the widow and orphans fund. I am appreciative he took the time to drive down and visit with me.

It is amazing how God puts people in our paths. I believe there is no such thing as coincidental meetings.

Today was so outstanding and it started as a result of Brooke inviting me for breakfast.

As I sit in my hotel room, I am feeling blessed and overwhelmed. I am having a hard time going to sleep. I am really trying to process today.

Thank you for today.

People are really good.

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