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A Day of Prayer

I just made it to Kellyville, OK. 32 miles today. The day started off nice, 79 degrees and 77% humidity. The road started off very nice with a wide shoulder. That changed pretty quickly. However into the evening and all the way into Kellyville, there was a very wide shoulder.

As I was leaving Stroud, Glenn made a u-turn and stopped in front of me. He asked what my mission was and did I need anything. I handed him a business card and told him it was all about GodandCops. He thought it was awesome and asked if he could pray with me. Absolutely. Glenn prayed that I have a safe journey, take care of my body and do Gods work. How awesome was that. I surely stepped a lot lighter today thinking about what Glenn did.

I made it into Depew, OK and had the most incredible hamburger at PDQ. Pam was the chef that made my burger. I was able to talk with Laura and Pam while I was at PDQ. Pam said she would be praying for me tonight and that I have a safe journey. I spent about an hour there and really enjoyed my visit. During my rest, about 20 Harley riders from Spain showed up. They were riding Route 66 on their way to California.

Just outside of Depew, there is an old poor farmer cemetery. An Eagle Scout back in 2013 fixed it up. There are no names and the people died before 1930. It had been neglected and run down. Richard fixes it back up to show respect for the farmers.

The town of Bristow is very cute. Definitely a place I would like to come back to and visit.

I tried singing to the cows again. No luck, they ran away again.

Here is a snap of a beautiful house I passed along Route 66. There were sure some gorgeous homes along the way.

I am stopped at a Phillips 66 gas station for the night. Gas is $2.19 a gallon.

Tomorrow I will be in Tulsa, OK. I have several new blisters and need to take care of them tomorrow night.

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