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A Great day in Amarillo

Today was a fun day. I got to see a lot of Amarillo. I walked a total of 12 miles. Tomorrow will be the day off.

I got to try out my new sunglasses that Debi sent me. I like them.

My goal today was to walk to GET Fit running shoe store and possibly get some new shoes. Unfortunately they did not have my size. However, this is a great store with an incredible staff. I met the owner, Karen Roberts and manager, Beth Gerken. We talked about my journey and they gave me three pairs of socks. It is ironic as I had on my list of items needed; socks. Beth also contributed to the widow and orphans fund. We are up to $206.00.

On my walk over to Get Fit, I found a drivers license adjacent to the college. The address was only a few miles away. I figured God wanted me to see more of Amarillo. Upon arrival at the house, I woke up Jordan. He was appreciative of getting back his license. As I was walking away, Jordan drove up and couldn’t believe I walked to his house to drop off his license from the college. Jordan drove me back to my hotel. That was awesome.

I made it to Big Texan Steakhouse. I did not have the 72oz steak. I had a medium rare 16oz prime rib. When it came out, the waitress hoped that I didn’t mind that the chef/owner gave me the end cut and quite a bit more meat. I actually ate the whole thing. It was a great meal.

Tomorrow a day of relaxation.

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