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Almost had a partner.

I walked today to North Acomita Village. A 20 mile walk. There is a big storm coming and there is nothing out here but the Sky High Casino and Hotel. Fortunately I was able to get a room. I am taking Martha Simoneau advice and watching the monsoons.

Today I almost picked up a tag along. I was on the phone with my niece when I saw a husky sitting by the fence watching me. I kept on walking for about a half mile and turned around and the husky was following me. I called to him and he came running. I sat on the ground and he climbed in my lap. He had a collar and tags. I tried calling the phone numbers but there was no answer. His name is Zeus. We had a granola bar and some water. I walked back to the neighborhood and he went up to a property and layed down under a truck. Would have been fun to have a companion, but fortunately he stayed.

I had another nice encounter where someone drove up next to me and gave me a water. I was fixated on getting a picture, I forgot to ask her name.

I made it to the hotel before the rain started. It sure looks nasty out there.

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