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Almost to Santa Fe

Today didn’t go as planned. I took the train to Kewa Pueblo where I stopped last night. The goal was to take a trail over to La Bajada Hill. Unfortunately, a bunch of people told me not to walk that way as the Bureau of Indian Affairs patrol the area and it wouldn’t be good. I had to alter my course by going out of the way by five miles toward the I-25 highway. The Route was nice as I encountered wild cows walking in the neighborhood.

I made it to the freeway and had to go two exits to a frontage road. For the first time I actually walked with traffic on the freeway. After a few miles, Kelly pulled over and was worried about me walking on the freeway. He also said God tells him who he should give rides to and today I was the one.

Jelly dropped me off at the next off-ramp and I walked toward Santa Fe. Unfortunately, I missed La Bajada Hill.

The walk was beautiful and the forecast was a lot of rain. In contrast to yesterday, I was prepared with rain jacket. It did not rain until the last half hour of my walk. It was warm and I was over dressed.

I made it to my ending destination after 20 miles. The storm finally came in. The clouds were beautiful.

5 more miles to finish my trek to Santa Fe.

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