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Another surprising say

After I finished writing last night, I went back into the Mart to get another item. As I was talking to the cashier, a customer, Carlos, overheard me talking about my walk. He handed me a homemade tortilla and cheese that his mother had made. He wanted me to have it.

I had it for breakfast and it was wonderful.

As I was getting ready to leave a find a place to sleep, a kind woman walked out and asked if I needed anything. After we talked about what I was doing, she just wanted to make sure I was ok. Thanks, Penny. She is a new FB friend.

In the morning, I stoped into a mart that was not listed on my map. When I walked in, an apple pie was screaming my name. I had that and a cup of coffee. The worker, Debra and I talked for about an hour about God, the rapture, bible verses. It was a great way to enjoy my piece of pie.

I stopped in Hackberry where I met Sara. She asked where I was walking to. She had previously walked the Appalachian Trail. Another one on my list. She gave me some great advice about long distance walking. One item she pointed out was the time was not an issue. She put it that you can do anything for six months.

As I walked through the town of Valentine, a man, Ruben, came out of a shop and started taking pictures of me. He handed me a logo shop towel and two bottles of water. His father was a police officer in La Habra. I am sending him my email so he can send me the photos. What a great surprise.

It was a great walk going through different terrains. From desert to rocks to grasslands. Spectacular.

I made it to Truxton. 20 miles today. I stopped into another mart and asked if I could set up a tent. They said, “sure”.

I am down for the night.

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