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Back on Track

Today was back on track. Thanks for the messages. Positivity the rest of the way. I picked a route that provided the widest shoulder. It worked out very well. I made it 29 miles to Johnson City with no problems.

It is amazing the clouds that are in the sky. I wish we had these in California.

Thanks for the messages on what this is about. I had a great prayer session that resulted in a temporary emotional breakdown. Funny after it was done, everything was great. People smiled as I waved. Some were actually very exuberant. I walked with a huge smile today. I actually listened to Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas music.

I am taking a day off tomorrow and start back up on Saturday. I have a 37 mile hike going over the smokies. I will make it into North Carolina at the end of the day.

For the past week and a half, I have been putting CBD Balm that I purchased at Okie High Hopes on my feet every morning. I have not had any new blisters, have not used blister pads and the reoccurring blisters have healed. My feet feel great.

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