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Beautiful Tennessee.

I made it into Martin, TN. It was a relative short day. 14 miles. The walk was pretty peaceful. Although there was no shoulder, the drivers were very courteous. The beautiful thing was to be able to look at the clouds.

When I got to the hotel, I was drenched. Very humid today.

Along the walk, a yellow butterfly was buzzing around me and landing on my cart. This lasted for about 10 minutes.

Walking down the roadway, I saw Tennessee DOT was doing some roadwork. As I approached, Dianne jumped out of work truck and asked where I was walking to and where I came from. She thought it was awesome that I had my safety vest on the front of my cart. She asked if I had lunch already. I had not. She then handed me $20 and told me to get something good to eat.

I have had some great interactions with DOT personnel starting with Abel in NM. I have had some help with routes and directions from several DOT personnel. They are awesome.

The town of Martin is very cute. As I walked in, there were several signs highlighting the high school cheerleaders national championships. The town also has the University of Tennessee- Martin.

Tomorrow’s walk has to be modified. I was going to walk to McKenzie, TN, however the only hotel is full for a sporting event at Bethel College.

I am looking to walk toward Paris, TN which is 33 miles. We will see in the morning.

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