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Big Mistake

Made a huge mistake last night. I was planning on a location for my day, however, I got there really quick. So I decided to go a little further. Well 33 miles later and reaching another location around 2:30 a.m., I was beat.

Unfortunately, I tackled the Cajon Grade. Problem was I had to push my cart up over 3,800 foot elevation while walking on sand. News reports said rain was coming, I needed to find shelter off of the mountain. I figured if I found a place, I would be walking in mud the next morning.

It was awesome, every time I was tired or ready to stop, I received texts from friends and family who said, “You got this

”. What a answer to a prayer.

I made it to a hotel and took a long Aveeno bath. Ready to move on today. Heading to Route 66 museum in Victorville.

It was an overall good day.

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I have recently retired after 30 years in law enforcement and a few years in the private sector. I have always enjoyed walking form place to place.  One of my favorite assignments was working overtime in our tourist area.  It was a blast to walk around for about 7 hours throughout the Downtown area.

In 2016, I read a book, "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge.  In November of 2016, I decided to do my "walkabout" with God from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles.  I had a blast walking along the Pacific Coast.  It was a beautiful experience.  I learned so many things on this walk.  The main lesson was God was talking to me, I just was not listening.  He was there with me on my walk, I just was not realizing the signs.

I have always been intrigued about walking the PCT, AFT, the Continental Divide and Appalachian Trial.  The one trip that stuck out with me was walking across the United States.