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Catching up with an old friend.

I made it into Kingman, AZ today. 21 miles. I saw my first tortoise in the middle of the road. As I approaches, he just froze. I walked around him. Still frozen. I did what Sedona talked about. I gently picked up the tortoise and carried him to the other side. He did not express his bladder. Success.

I met Vanessa Barnard and her son, Justin. She had contacted me last week and asked if I was going to be in Kingman as she was going to be driving thru on her way to Los Angeles. Vanessa worked at Santa Monica before going to another department. It was great to see her and meet her son. They took me out to a great dinner. Thank you.

Jorge Padilla said I had to try Mr. D’z for dessert. I twisted Vanessa and Justin’s arm to drive me there. Needless to say, Jorge was correct.

I saw this marking outside of a hotel and decided that Kingman looks like a cute town. I am going to take tomorrow off and rest a little.

Great day

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