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Dangerous Roads

Today was a very wet day. It rained almost all day. In addition, it was pretty warm. It was actually pretty nice to walk out in the rain. I didn’t even wear a rain jacket.

The road today did not have much of a shoulder. In fact, some locations did not have a shoulder at all.

Oklahoma sure is a beautiful place. Again, the scenery was awesome. I made it through Chandler, OK. Very cute town. During a little break in Chandler, Gene Koepl approaches me and asked where I was going. We had a great conversation about the goodness of people and the importance of life experience vs. education. Gene then handed me $20.00 and said “God bless you”. $323.00 for widow and orphan fund.

Just west of Davenport, I met Carson. He is riding across Route 66 for #Bike4Yemen. He is riding to raise awareness for humanitarian aid for starving children.

Traffic started to get a little busier. With no shoulder and poor visibility from rain, cars were getting pretty close. Deputy Hawley from Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department stopped in front of me. He was concerned about my safety and suggested walking in the weeds adjacent to the road. Quite a few issues dealing with walking in the weeds. I was concerned about stickers and uneven ground. He said he didn’t think it was a good idea to continue walking and suggested that he take me to Stroud. Who am I to argue with the law. Dep. HaWiley took me about seven miles and dropped me off at my hotel. As we drove to Stroud, the shoulder did not get any better. Good call by Dep. Hawley

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