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Drenched by rain

I had an exhilarating 18 mile hike today. I woke up this morning in Dusty’s apartment. He hasn’t moved in yet and there is no furniture. It was like a camp out inside. He actually doesn’t move in until mid August.

I took the train to my ending spot yesterday and walked to Kewa Pueblo. It was mostly a dirt road with beautiful views, cows and thunderstorms. It rained quite a bit and I was drenched.

I made it to the train station about 1.5 hours early and was able to watch the lightning light up the horizon. It was simple awesome to watch. Only problem is that it got cold and it is getting me a little sick.

I am meeting Dusty and Annette at Tomasita’s. I am at the bar having a cup of coffee.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to walk La Bajada and work my way to Santa Fe.

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