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Eastern Time Zone.

I made it to Rockwood, TN. 24 miles and a new time zone.

The walk was very nice. I went through some beautiful areas and parklands. The roads were pretty good and safe.

I was approached by David who saw me walking earlier. He was in front of his business and offered me water. He advised me what type of roadway I would be seeing on my way to Rockwood. It was a great help.

I love these fruit stands along the road. I stopped into an apple farm and bought two apples. Amazing what fresh apples taste like.

I was walking up an incline when Cindy and Dee drove up next to me. They asked if I was ok, needed anything or a ride. They pulled over and as I walked up, Cindy handed me a wad of US Currency. Dee said she felt bad as they had passed me, I waved to them and they did not wave back. They came back to make sure I was ok. Dee suggested that I eat at Me Me’s cafe when I got to Rockwood. She also offered her yard so I could set up my tent. Dee actually called me this evening to make sure I arrived to the hotel.

I had reservations at the only hotel in Rockwood, which did not have good Yelp reviews. It is totally fine.

I went to Me Me’s cafe for dinner. My waiters were Jarrett and Dustin. They were both so polite. I had a great meal. They asked if they could take a picture with me so they could post on the restaurant’s Facebook page. They also invited me to come back for a complimentary breakfast. I know where I am going for breakfast.

It was a very good and blessed day.

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