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Elevation Climb

So the day started by opening a box that Xochilt had sent me. She was awesome enough to help me with my satellite phone. It wasn’t working so she took it into Sprint for me. It was delivered on Friday at Seligman. When I got to Bob’s house I decided to open it in the morning. To my surprise, in addition to the phone were some great goodies and a beautiful card. Thank you Xochilt for helping with the phone and care package.

Bob dropped me off where he picked me up yesterday, Ash Fork. Today was about an 18 mile hike with 11 of those ascending from. 5,000 foot elevation to 7,000. Really tough climb and got to see the change of greenery due to elevation change.

I finally made it into Williams. A cute town with a small Downtown. On the way into town, I saw the most beautiful cemetery. All the plots were under the pine trees. It actually looked like a really nice campground. Looked like a peaceful place to be buried.

I had dinner with Bob, Martha and Martha’s sister, Debbie. We ate at a fun, good food Mexican restaurant. Afterwards we walked to a street play involving gunfighters. Pretty funny.

Day off tomorrow to attend church.

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