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Elk City, Oklahoma

Totally made a mistake today. I didn’t realize it was Sunday. I was talking to a friend and they asked why I was walking. I didn’t even know what day it was.

I made it 19 miles to Elk City. I decided to call it a day.

The walk was along frontage roads and business 40. The clouds in the sky were amazing. Puffy white marshmallows.

There were some beautiful areas on the walk. There was a nice iron bridge over a creek.

I stopped at the National Route 66 Museum. What a treat. The museum is huge. It is like a little town with numerous buildings. I met Kacy in one of the display locations. She was great and gave me a lot of insight on the museum, the town of Elk City and a map with information on the towns I am coming to. The museum has an incredible presentation to local rodeo members.

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