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Enchanted Trals

It was supposed to rain today and the goal was to make it to Albuquerque.

As I started my walk I passed the Rio Puerco bridge and did a five mile ascent up the frontage road.

Today I experienced the first vehicle that almost hit me. I was watching the orange charger drifting over near the shoulder as it was approaching me. I was walking so that I was on the shoulder and one wheel was on the white line. The vehicle kept drifting over to where I had to physically move my cart. At about 10’ away from me the vehicle abruptly corrected course and moved back into his lane. It is amazing what runs through your mind when an incident like this occurs. My thoughts: how long is going to take for me to get a new cart. I kept on walking.

Dan Rice arranged for me to stay at the Enchanted Trails RV Park. The owner, Vickie was going to allow me to set up my tent on the property. Since it was going to rain, I didn’t want to sleep in the tent tonight. I met Vickie and thanked her for the hospitality to set up my tent, but I wanted to beat the rain. She said I could use one of her trailers for the night. Now these aren’t any trailer. I was going to be able to stay in a 1956 Yellowstone Airstream. No brainer, I am staying. Vickie is a sweet and generous woman. Thank you for letting me use one of your trailers. Lorrie who was working the desk asked if I like to socialize. She and her husband, Ray (retired Albuquerque police motor cop) would like to take me out into town. My response was, “of course”.

We went to the Monte Carlos Steak House. We ended up staying a couple of hours and had a great dinner and conversation.

If you are ever traveling and need to park a RV for the night, stay at the Enchanted Trails RV Park. Great people and nice property. It is kinda like a Route 66 and era museum.

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