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Extension on shirt orders.

Fred had received several requests after the 31st. He has extended the date to September 18th. After that, he has to break down the set up. Thanks for those who have shown interest. He has sold 41 units. Thank you.

Wow. There have been several requests for shirts from Fred. I spoke with him and he would love to make shirts for anyone that wants one. Fred asks that you email him and he will contact you for your order. Here is the prices for the merchandise. This includes shipping and $10.00 from each shirt will go to the Santa Monica Police Officers’ Association Widow and Orphans Fund. This fund is also a 501c3 and tax deductible.:

Shirts - $25.00

Long sleeve - $30.00

Hooded sweatshirt- $50.00.

Here is Fred’s email address:

Thank you for the interest and support.

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