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Extra day in Harrison

I spent a couple of days in Harrison, AR. I actually spent one more day then planned. I had to take care of some personal matters and rearrange my cart. I ended up mailing 25 pounds of stuff back to California.

I finally broke down and decided to trim the beard. I was sweating so bad my beard was retaining all the moisture. I went to Tim’s Hair Gallery where I met Danette. Danette was awesome and trimmed and cut my hair. We were able to talk about my journey and how God has played an important role. It was awesome to hear how she and her husband walk with God also. She did a great job in grooming me. I in fact made the comment to her that she had been the most gentle stylist that I have ever been to. After she was finished she said thank you and wouldn’t accept anything. I am very blessed.

I am heading to Yellville tomorrow.

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