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Great care packages.

After I finished my blog and dinner last night, I walked outside of Love’s to get ready to find a place to sleep. When I arrived at my cart, Robert, a trucker, inquired on what I was doing. We spoke for quite awhile. Robert mentioned that a large portion of his family were in law enforcement and lived in Albuquerque. He gave me his phone number and asked me to text him when I arrive in Albuquerque so he can arrange to meet his family.

In trying to find a place to sleep, there was an overflow parking lot with no vehicles. It was perfect. I was able to put my pad and sleeping bag out. I didn’t need the tent as it was only going to be a low of 53. It was awesome.

I arrived In Holbrook today. I went to the post office and picked up three packages. The first package was from my son, Dustin. A Father’s Day package of rum, jerky and sweets.

The next package was from Julie and Rob Webster. A incredible family that I had the opportunity to coach our sons in baseball. Rob coached with me. A thoughtful package of wipes, nuts, thermos bottle , cooling wrap. All the items to to help me continue.

The other package was from my second cousin, Taylor Thayer. Another great package of items I needed; icy hot, foot care, hard candy and wipes.

Thank you for the care packages.

From my post yesterday I have to clarify that Dan did not get me lost. I did that on my own. He advised me not to go the way I ended up going.

I am staying in Holbrook tonight and heading off in the morning.

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