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Great Day

I had a great day taking care of laundry and supplies. I had to go to the post office that was three miles away. As I started to walk into town, I met Deputy Rudy Vallejo of Quay County Sheriff Department. He saw me in a post from a friend Deputy that I had met the other day. Rudy gave me a Gatorade, funds for the widow and orphans fund and a ride to the post office.

I am so inspired by law enforcement officers like Rudy. In addition to his job, he is a volunteer wrestling coach and volunteer firefighter. The way he talks about his community and helps is awesome. I was honored to meet an officer that exemplifies what law enforcement does. These encounters validate what this journey is all about.

Best of all was the meal he recommended at the Cornerstone Restaurant, raviolis with green chili’s. It was very good.

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