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Great employees that took care of me

I made it into Harrison, AR tonight. A total of 33 miles.

Last night was fun. I stayed at the Kings River Country Store. The staff there were incredible and courteous. Before she left for the evening, Jay bought me some ice cream. All the food there was so good.

The late night crew, Sharon and Crystal were worried about me potentially walking when a storm was coming. And boy did it come. They told me to bring my cart inside so it didn’t get wet. I sat at a table and fell asleep. They were very considerate and turned off the music. I didn’t sleep too well, but I was dry. The rain, thunder and lightning was pretty cool.

When I left in the morning, I met Mike who is a chaplain. He goes around to local hospices and veteran facilities. He said prayers for my journey.

The walk was very nice. The road was good. It was awesome as there were times when there were no cars. The quiet is beautiful.

On my walk there I saw the Snell Cemetery. There were about 20 headstones. Some were pre civil war. Some were members of the Confederacy.

I arrived at about 9:00 pm to my hotel. About 13.5 hours of walking today. Feet feel great. I am staying two nights here to catch up on sleep. No plans for tomorrow.

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