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Great visit at Camden PD

Had an incredible day today. Al, whom I met at the Halfway Market, took me out to breakfast at Downhome Restaurant. Good food and friendly people.

Al arranged for me to meet some people from Camden Police Department and community. We all went to The Grainery for lunch. Great people involved with the PD. There were a couple of ministers, head of PR and Lt. Latimer.

It is awesome to see how local agencies work in a smaller community. It appears everyone knows one another and you are able to work together a lot better and more proficient.

Al drove me around the area near Kentucky Lake. Beautiful country. Another location on my list to remember.

Al dropped me off at the Police station and I met Chief George Smith and Asst. Chief Michael Scott. It was fun to stand outside and speak with both Chief’s. As we talked, Chief Smith was nearly everyone that drove by.

I was interviewed by Flash, the department’s PR person. The interview will go up on their Facebook page.

Lt. Latimer and I exchanged patches and I handed out some challenge coins. What an awesome department and town. Take a look at the back of one of the police vehicles. It says it all.

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