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Holy Grail of Route 66

It has been a long two days. Yesterday I ended up walking a total of 34 miles. But it was well worth it. I found what some describe as the “Holy Grail of Route 66”, the Painted Desert Trading Post. Dan Rice helped me get on the right track to find it. I want to thank Dan as he arranged for permission for me to stay the night there.

I have to say it was pretty hard to get there and once I did, it was scary. The road to get there was beautiful. The gorges were picturesque and the sunset was incredible.

I encountered a gate that I couldn’t get through. I had to empty my cart of all of its contents and lift the cart over the fence. Upon arrival at the trading post, it was pitch black. There is nothing around and all the weird noises. It kept me awake most of the night.

At daybreak, the area was gorgeous. To picture this place in its hay day must of been an oasis. There is nothing there.

I can see why people try and find this gem. It is beautiful and hard to find. I love that the Route 66 co-op is refurbishing the trading post. It will be something to see when they are done.

Today I walked 18 miles to Chambers. I got stopped by a trooper again today. It happened yesterday also. The officers are great, but I am going to have to reevaluate my route.

I am hoping to make the New Mexico border in two days.

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