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I hate mosquitoes

I made it into Corning, AR. 26 miles of walking and one mile jaunt from Jim.

When I left Pocahontas this morning I stopped at the American Made General Store. I could smell cooked bacon as I was walking up. There was a real nice breakfast buffet that included perfect bacon. That is bacon when you grab it it the middle, it bends and touches. The store was very cute as there were a lot of locally made wares and food.

The walk was very nice. The shoulders were extra roomy until you reached the bridges. I had to move quickly to get across before any vehicles came.

The scenery was great. A lot of rice and corn fields. Arkansas is the largest producer of rice in the United States.

I walked along Highway 67 which is dubbed the”Rock and Roll Highway. Interesting information on Wikipedia about the Highway.

Another butterfly landed on my cart. I think it was a little shocked from a vehicle coming by and the wind blowing it onto the cart. The butterfly stayed there for about three hours and finally flew away.

As I was about three miles from my destination, Trevor drove by me on his motorcycle and honked. He did a u-turn and came back. He saw my picture on Facebook from the time Anthony stopped and gave me water. He wanted to see if I needed anything. He offered to go and pick me up some water if I needed any. He also gave me a good tip if I am here tomorrow night to watch two rival high school football teams play, Corning vs Rector.

I was about a mile from my hotel when Jim pulled up alongside of me. He asked if I wanted a ride. Absolutely. Jim was traveling toward Pocahontas on his way home when he made a u-turn. He is a trucker and always helps people he sees on the road. He was pretty awesome and offered to drive me to the State line. He dropped me off at the hotel and called me later while I was at dinner. He wanted to make sure I was ok on funds. What an awesome person.

I checked into my hotel and the desk clerk told me to make sure I open and shut my door quickly as there are a lot of mosquitoes. I am not exaggerating when I say I have killed nearly 60 mosquitoes in the room. I am going to have to sleep with repellent on.

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