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I made it to Needles, CA

I woke up early and I made it to Needles, CA. I walked about 16 miles today. When I first thought about this journey, walking through the Mojave was one of my biggest fears.

I made it.

I have been very blessed on this journey. Ira Rutan calls me every morning at 7:00 am to check on me. I look forward to that call in the morning and the other two times he calls to check on me. Blessed.

I had two gifts waiting for me at the post office today. Chris Dawson and Rich Stein mailed me some beef jerky and protein bars. Jeff Campbell mailed me some blister kits, balaclava and heavy gloves.

When I arrived at my hotel, Wyndham Days Inn and Suites. The manger did not want to give me a room as he thought I looked homeless and he didn’t want that element in his hotel. I was tired and needed to take care of a minor toe injury. I would have left even after showing him who I was and what I was doing. He required a $100 deposit on the room. Last time I will stay at a Days Inn.

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