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In Albuquerque

I had a very nice walk into Albuquerque today. I walked over the Rio Grande. It was a very fast current.

I have a confession that for the past couple of weeks, I have been listening to the song, “Point me in the direction of Albuquerque”, by the Partridge Family. And yes some of their other songs.

So far I have earned $920.61 on the Sweatcoin App. Fun App to earn money as you walk to buy items on their web page.

I was talking on the phone with my dad when a family drove up very slow next to me and handed me a $1.00 bill out the window. As soon as I said “God bless”, they drove off.

The same thing happened when I was talking to Jim Hosang. A lady was stopped at a traffic light and called me over. She handed me $2.00. The light turned green and she drove off. I now have $78.00 for the widow and orphan fund.

I walked through Old Town Albuquerque. What a cute town. Some of the homes around the area were gorgeous.

I met up with Sandra tonight. She was the nice lady I met in Amboy that gave me grapes and offered to let me stay in her yard. Sandra took me to dinner with Sister Kateri. We went to the Range Cafe. We were just talking and they had to let us know that they are closed. The manager came over and gave me two muffins and told me to have a safe journey. Sister Kateri told her what I was doing.

I have to go to REI tomorrow and get some supplies. I am going to stay in Albuquerque until July 5th.

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