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In Amarillo

I am in Amarillo after a 21 mile day.

I slept pretty good last night. It is funny how the hum of trucks driving by is relaxing. Far better than the train noise.

I stopped in a Phillips 66 in Bushland to get some coffee and eat something other than a pop tart. The gas station had a cook that was making these incredible bite size meals. I had two cheese sausages.

I was blown away as I walked in as there was Christian music blasting over the PA system. It was awesome to sit down and have my coffee and food and being serenaded about Jesus.

I walked a few more miles and stopped at a Love’s truck stop. As I was getting a fountain soda, a Potter County Deputy, saw my hat and remarked about it. I just got a new Blue Lives Matter hat. I explained who and what I was doing. Deputy Newlun was very complimentary and bought me my soda. I gave him and his partner, Deputy Crain, a challenge coin. Thank you for your service and the soda.

I went to the Cadillac Ranch and spent a few minutes. A lot of graffiti going on. So many of the stores around sell spray with the intention of people spraying the cars.

Second Amendment is strong in Texas and they have a monument for it. You have to love Texas.

I am staying at a hotel for a few days. I need to pick up some packages from the post office tomorrow. I also will be seeing an old partner from Santa Monica,Terry McClintick sometime on Sunday or Monday.

I had to do some laundry tonight. I went to the neatest and cleanest laundromat, Tornado. When I walked in I was a little lost. The machines do not take any money. You need to purchase a card that has credit on it. Mary, the attendant was awesome and walked me through the whole process. It was pretty neat as we got to talking about my trip. She asked where has been my favorite place. I told her that it was Junction 104. Ironically that is where her family is from. They have been there since the 1800’s. She even knew the person I had met as he lives on the neighboring ranch. Small world.

I ended the evening with Fried chicken from Cracker Barrel. What a great way to end the day.

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