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In Las Vegas

I actually slept great last night. I felt that I wasn’t going to get attacked by a wild animal.

I was so exhausted last night that I forgot to mention an awesome encounter I had when I got to the pizza place last night. Jesse was there and saw my disappointment. He handed me three ice cold waters. Unfortunately, my phone was dead and I didn’t get to take a picture.

I had a nice walk today of 23 miles. The scenery was beautiful. I made it to Las Vegas. On my way, Felix drove up next to me and asked where I was going. When he heard what and why I was doing my walk, he literally had tears in his eyes. Felix told me that he had seen me earlier in the morning but was late getting to where he needed to go. He said God told him he needs to go help me and give me a ride. It was such an emotional encounter, how could I say no to a ride. Felix took me about a mile up the road to the local truck stop. There I took a break and had lunch.

I am working on healing my blisters and planning my next leg. A little quandary as the next leg will be about 100 miles with no services. I am trying to figure alternatives or how much water I will need.

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