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In Marston, Missouri

I made it to Marston, MO. 33 miles today. The walk was great today until the nighttime. During the day, the shoulder was very wide and minimal traffic. It was great to be able to walk and listen to absolute silence. I passed a ton of corn, cotton and soy fields. I am believing I want to have a place we’re there absolutely no sound.

The irrigation Channels in the towns are nice. Several had fish and turtles.

I stoped in a little town for supper. When the owner asked what I was doing, she was appreciative. She said in their town, they do not have any police officers. They basically have to fend for themselves. If something happens they can call the Sheriff Department. They only zoom through the town otherwise.

I had several people stop to check on me and offer me rides. I felt like walking and all the offers were from people who had vehicles I couldn’t fit my cart in.

As the sun went down, I am assuming that they are fireflies. There were a few and they were flying around. Pretty cool as I have never seen them before.

As it got dark, I had on all my lights on the cart. Since I was near the fields and a lot of water, the mosquitoes were all over me. I have a ton of spray on me. I got a few bites, but not too bad.

Not sure about tomorrow yet. It is a 32 mile hike to get where I need to get. May rest for a day since I didn’t get into the hotel until 9:30 p.m.

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