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In Texas

I just arrived in Adrian, TX. The walk was 26 miles. Unfortunately, 23 miles was on I-40.

I left from Russell’s Truck Stop. If you ever have a chance to stop there, take a look inside at the free museum. Some really cool vehicles and memorabilia.

I made it to the border of Texas and left New Mexico, for now.

Along I-40 at my 15 mile mark, there was a picnic area. I took the opportunity to try out some spaghettio’s and meatballs. After lunch, two truckers, Pedro and Grunan, called me over and gave me some water and cranberry trail mix. They were on there way back from Virginia.

The scenery in Texas was very nice. As I got to the top of a grade above Adrian, it reminded me of Palm Springs with all the wind turbines.

I finally made it to a frontage road into Adrian. Along the way a grasshopper jumped on my cart and rode all the way into Adrian.

I am staying at the Fabulous 40 Hotel. I asked the owner, Ramona if there was somewhere I could get dinner. She said the only nearby place open was across the bridge. She offered to give me a ride.

I went with her and ordered a pizza. She waited and brought me back. We had a great conversation about God, people and Route 66.

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