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Into Arizona

Today has been a great day. I crossed over into Arizona and left California behind. As I walked toward Oatman I met several people worth noting. My first was Jimbo. He pulled up next to me and handed me a cold Keystone beer. He told me to have a safe travel.

The next was a member of Sinners Forgiven Motorcycle Ministry. He just checked on me to make sure I had enough fluids. He gave me a “God Bless” and went on his way.

The next was Deputy Alvarado of the Mohave County Sheriff Department. He was the first law enforcement officer to self initiate a stop on me to see what I was doing. After talking for awhile, he wanted to give me a patch to show his appreciation. He actually cut off his patch from his jacket and gave it to me. Wow; how awesome.

The last was Tommy Gunn and his partner, Nancy. I met them at the Silver Dollar Chuck Wagon. I saw an ad for breasted chicken. I had to have it. I spoke with Tommy and Nancy for awhile. Tommy actually bought my meal.

What a great day. I am on my way to the clay flats to sleep.

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