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It was a good day

I was asked by a friend to say more in my post than , “food was good”.

Although yesterday was challenging, there were a couple of neat interactions with individuals. The first one was a I was walking up the frontage road of the Cajon Grade, a truck drove by me and popped a tire. As I walked up to the vehicle, the owner’s phone was dead, he did not have a charger, he did not have a jack. I was able to lend him my phone charger and call a tow for him. He was very appreciative and wanted to give me something. I was happy to help. He worked for Staples and offered me a shirt and some chips. I took the chips. He seemed happy to somehow repay me for helping him out in his time of need.

Just prior to entering the dirt road, cars were backed up trying to enter the freeway. A nice lady pulled up next to me and asked where I was walking to? I told her Virginia. She said her daughter lives there and offered me some candy. I can’t tell you how helpful that candy was as I walked over the mountain.

It was a great day.

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