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Knoxville. Looks like a fun town.

Today was a great day. The walk was very nice. A majority of the walk had sidewalks and wide shoulders.

I really liked the town of Farragut. It was a charming town that felt like a community. There were some neat fruit stands and a farmers market. The town was very clean and appeared to be well thought out. Another place to look at in the future.

As I walked into Knoxville, there were some majestic homes and was rich in civil war information. I can’t wait to spend some time looking around town.

The town was buzzing with tailgating everywhere. I haven’t seen this much orange since I was in a pumpkin patch. It was so fun to see. Makes me wish I went to a large school in the South.

An old friend from high school, Adam Agard (we graduated in the same year)had contacted me and said he and his family were going to be in Knoxville this weekend. We met tonight and they took me out to an incredible Italian restaurant. The food was very good. It was great to meet his wife Cyndi and two sons, Adam Jr and Andrew. We are planning to sight see tomorrow.

What a great day. Blessed.

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