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Last town in arizona

I made it to Lupton today. 29 miles of walking. I am just sitting down and having dinner. Chicken and a piece of carrot cake at a truck stop.

Lupton is the last town in Arizona before hitting New Mexico.

Today was a pleasant day. I only walked about a mile on the I-40. Most of the other parts I was on frontage roads or dirt roads on the reservation. It was very relaxing and fun. I had the ability to actually wave at people sitting on their porches.

One of the troopers that stopped me told me to be careful walking on the reservation as there are wild dogs and sheep. Great advice as on three separate occasions, dogs came chasing after me. A loud voice and big stick kept them away.

When I arrived in the town of Houck, a truck passed me and backed up. It was Rosalyn and Edison. They asked were I was going. After talking for awhile, Rosalyn said they were headed to Gallup and asked if I wanted a ride. How tempting it was, I was enjoying the walk as I was not on the I-40 again. Rosalyn made sure I knew how to get to Lupton by using frontage roads. Edison told me to be careful as there are bad people out here. They were so nice. I gave them one of my cards and a challenge coin.

As I left Houck, the landscape was beautiful. While on the frontage road, I met several individuals walking to their residences. They were curious at what I was doing and quickly asked before getting on their way.

A man, Randin pulled up next to me. He had two other people in the truck. When he found out why I was doing what I am doing, he was appreciative and said “Thank you for your service”. He has family in the military and appreciates law enforcement. A female passenger asked who was watching over me? Easy, God.

About 8:30 at night it was dark and I had all my safety gear on. A man pulled up next to me and handed me a RC Cola. He just drove of. I haven’t had a RC in so long. It tasted great.

Well an end to a great day. I need to go find a place to sleep.

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