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Leaving Route 66 tomorrow.

I left Catoosa this morning and made it to Claremore, OK. 15 miles today. I wasn’t paying attention to my map and ending going straight instead of turning right. I missed walking on Route 66 and the Blue Whale.

The walk was very nice. There was a very wide shoulder and several beautiful waterways on the walk.

I stopped for lunch at El Puerto and had some chorizo and eggs. It was really good. As I was paying the workers asked what I was doing. I was able to show them the back of my shirt. They were amazed and gave me a bag sopapillas.

There were some beautiful horses along the way. At least they didn’t run when I started singing to them.

A funny thing happened when a trucker stopped in front of me. She exited the truck with a frozen water for me. She wouldn’t take a picture because she could get in trouble for stopping. I took a picture of the water.

I am getting used to staying at a hotel. I was feeling a little exhausted from the heat. I got a room at Hampton Inn. It was awesome, Aida who checked me in gave me several discounts and upgrades. It was great as there is an indoor pool and jacuzzi. It was so nice to soak my feet in the pool and jacuzzi.

Tomorrow I am on my way toward Virginia Beach. Around 1,300 miles left.

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