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Long and winding road

The day started off great. Kevin and his wife, Daisy stopped on their way to North Carolina and took me to breakfast. It was so awesome to see them drive up and wearing the GodandCops shirt. On their way out, they contributed to the Widow and Orphans Fund. Thank you. It is amazing the people that have affected me on this trip. Kevin is one.

The walk today was 17 miles but felt like 30. Kevin warned me about that. There was a lot of steep hills and continual inclines. In addition to the hills, the road was winding, a lot of blind spots and no shoulders. Overall the drivers were pretty good and gave me enough room.

When I got to the hotel, my legs and butt were burning. I am currently in the tub with Epsom salts.

Tomorrow I am on my to Knoxville. My planning is really poor as most of the hotels were sold out. #3 Georgia is playing at Tennessee on Saturday. I found a room, but it was highway robbery.

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