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Loving Tennessee

I started off the day having breakfast with Al at the Daymaker Cafe in Camden. The food and coffee was very good. Dawn the owner has a very cozy place.

Al and I went to the police station where Bobby (Flash) took some pictures and video of me leaving town. You can see this on Camden PD’s Facebook page:

As I was leaving, I was advised that the four miles before the bridge was a two lane road with no shoulder and a lot of service trucks. Be careful as it is very dangerous.

One thing I have been doing since I left Barstow, CA, I have been waving to vehicles that pass me. I have probably waved to 90% of the vehicles that pass me. It is fun to see people’s reaction. I have seen looks of bewilderment, head nods, index finger wave from the steering wheel to exuberant waves. I get about 60% of vehicles and 90% of trucks that wave and acknowledge me. I have not experienced a town where 100% of the motorists waved. That ended today. Everyone in Camden was waving. This happened all the way until I made it outside of Waverly. I am sure loving the people of Tennessee.

As I was getting to the area where there was no shoulder, I saw Troy exiting his church. Troy was one of the ministers I had lunch with yesterday. He said he was supposed to be on the other side of town right now but something delayed him. He came outside and saw me. He asked if he could transport me over the bridge as the roadway was very dangerous. That is two warnings. I said, “absolutely”.

After crossing the bridge, I made my way to Waverly, TN. The rest of the walk was very nice. I walked a total of 16 miles today.

I was laughing as I arrived at Waverly School and saw their football field. You have to look close, but there is no way enough for visitors to have enough people to make a noise.

I am heading to Dickson tomorrow and will be staying with Erin’s parents. Erin helps with my Uncle in Rancho Cordova.

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