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Lunch provided by kind people.

Today was a good day. I didn’t get too much sleep last night. My adrenaline was still going from the walk in the sand. Not too many trains came by last night.

Goal is to make it to Prewitt today. A 20 mile walk. I only have to walk 3 miles on I-40. The rest is a frontage road.

I crossed the Continental Divide today. 7,245 elevation. Upon leaving the Phillips 66 food mart, I met Anthony. He pulled up next to me as I was walking and said he saw me yesterday. He offered my water, snacks or a beer. I took the beer. I haven’t had one in awhile and it sounded so refreshing. It was great speaking with Anthony. He has a desire to walk cross country with a mule. I hope he does it. Anthony served in the military and was appreciative of the challenge coin.

Not to much further down the road, Lenora drove up next to me. She handed a hot Chorizo and egg burrito.

It was getting close to noon. I found a little pull out area and had lunch courtesy of Anthony and Lenora. It was fantastic.

I was three miles out from Prewitt. I was trying to challenge myself on speed between mile markers. I could see the next one. I was thirsty, but I wanted to push myself. Then Shirley and Chasity drove up next to me and gave me two popsicles, cherry and orange. It most definitely quenched my thirst and needed.

I made it to Prewitt and saw a fire station. In checking Google, it is a volunteer fire station. I decided to pull out my chair and hope someone would show up. All the phone numbers were no longer in service. All of a sudden Chief Forkner and his wife, Lanee (she is the head EMS coordinator) showed up. Chief Forkner said I could pitch my tent in the back. It was safer than the front as the helicopter lands in the front. This happens frequently. Chief set me up with some water and Lanee gave me a shirt for an officer that was killed in the line of duty. These guys are awesome. In numerous locations when talking to people about volunteering in this capacity it is all about community. I want to live somewhere like that.

I am set for the night. Time to have some mini raviolis.

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