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Made it into Santa Fe.

We all three got up this morning and finished the last leg into Santa Fe. It was actually 8 miles to finish. Once we made it to Santa Fe I went to the Post Office to pick up some care packages. One was from Maury Sumlin. All I can say it was awesome. From bean pies to headphones. Everything I needed.

The next one was from my dad and Geneva. It was some good canned foods, protein bars and beard supplies. More stuff I needed.

After getting cleaned up we went and saw the movie, “Yesterday” and went to a karaoke bar. Santa Fe is a fun town.

Tomorrow Dusty and Annette leave and my cousin, Mike Trisler is coming in from Colorado. I am going to spend the day with him and his family.

I start back up on Wednesday on my way to Amarillo, Texas.

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