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Made it to clinton, OK

I made it to Clinton, OK today. 26 miles. The walk was really neat as a lot the road was on old Route 66. It was very quiet and not too much traffic.

I went through the town of Canute. Cute town. Maybe it is my morbidity, but I loved that they had a kids playground and park next to a cemetery. It was really nice looking.

It was getting pretty warm out and Darrell Price, a trucker working on I -40, stopped by and gave me a Mt. Dew and a water. Both were very cold. My favorite on a hot day is a cold Mt. Dew.

I love walking by livestock. Most the time I try and talk to them or sing. Most reactions is that they are scared and run away. However, today there were some horses and I started talking to them. It was adorable as there was one large horse and three mini’s. They were standing in the middle of the field and came running over to me.

It was another great day of puffy clouds. It was pretty funny, I started crossing over a nice looking old bridge. I realized I wanted to take a photo of the bridge. I thought I put the brake on the cart. I started walking to the middle of the bridge and turned around. My cart was taking off and heading toward the edge. I caught it in time and still took the picture.

Tomorrow on the way to Bridgeport.

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