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Made it to McLean, Texas

I just made it to McLean, TX. 32 miles today. I decided I wanted to sleep in a bed tonight. I am at the Cactus Inn. It is very cute. I am the only one at the hotel.

This morning was so awesome to wake up underneath the cross. It was gorgeous at night as it was all lit up.

On my way out of town I stopped for coffee at Allsups. As I was sitting outside having a pop tart and coffee, Owiti walked up and asked me if I needed anything. I showed him my coffee and told him I was great and enjoying my coffee. He said it was going to be hot out today and how about a Gatorade? I said, “sure”. He came back out with a Body Armor electrolytes drink. It was great as we talked for about 15 minutes about God and how this encounter has both impacted us. We also talked about law enforcement and the issues they face. It was an awesome encounter with a God loving person.

Shirley, the clerk from Allsups came out to where I was sitting and gave me four bananas. They were fresh and great to eat along the walk.

It got pretty warm today. When it was about 100 degrees, Jamie pulled up next to me and gave me two ice cold waters. I downed one right there and poured the other one into my Bubba container.

I was able to see a bearded dragon, armadillo (roadkill) and an antelope.

The scenery changed from flat lands to hills and caverns. Along the way I had to take an unexpected dirt road. Although it took me out of the way, it was not too bad.

As a side note, Texas has the best rest areas. The two I saw today were designed totally different. They both had great picnic areas. I only took pictures of one as I thought they would be the same.

Off to Shamrock, TX tomorrow.

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