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Made it to New Mexico

I made it into New Mexico and a new time zone. I am in Gallup, New Mexico.

The walk today was very nice. After waking up at the truck stop I went to go inside and have breakfast. I made a mistake. As I was walking in, a trucker was walking out with some food. He asked me if I was hungry. I missed it and offended him. I told him what I was doing. He just was offering food and took my response as a no. I looked in the mirror and realized I was not looking so good and probably needed the food. Lesson learned about accepting from kind people.

As I was having breakfast, I saw the video that Shaun Dove made. It floored me. What a gift.

The walk to Gallup was beautiful. The scenery is incredible. During my walk, I encountered wild horses. It was awesome. I watched them for awhile. They were near the train as it passed. When the train was gone, they jumped over the tracks and walked away.

As I walked down the road, Mary drove up next to me. She was leaving her house and was wondering who was pushing a baby cart down the road. Mary handed me a water and three sticks of gum. She said have a safe journey.

When I was about three miles from my destination, an unexpected downpour occurred. It was hard to walk in a windy cold rain holding an umbrella and walking on a two lane road with no shoulder. I made it.

I am doing laundry tonight and relaxing my feet. Debating about taking tomorrow off.

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